Other Disposable Wipe Product

  • wippy


    Alcohol Swab for Sanitizer

    A sanitizer for skin, with alcohol as the major component, in soft and smooth wipes.
    Widely used by: Hospital, physician, health care, nurse for easy and effective skin sanitation.
    Self blood test machine. To get sanitized and safe result. Tattoo practitioner.

  • ambicor


    Sanitizer and protector for cut umbilical cord for new born baby. Clean and non porous wipe/woven protect better.
    1. Sterile situation, faster relieve, and safe.
    2. Easy application and less hassle due to the specific form.
    3. No odor and no stain to skin.
    4. Registered in Ministry of Health, have production code and expired date.
    5. For detail handling procedure refer to material safety data sheet.

  • Vale’s FEMME

    Vale’s FEMME

    Vale’s FEMME is dedicated as vaginal cleaner.

    Product is dedicated to:
    Use vale’s FEMME as the true vaginal cleaner, smooth, clean, effective.

    It will clean and sanitize and also odor removal. Contain disinfectant that kill candida albicans, and other hospital disinfectant requirements. No alcohol content, safe for sensitive mucous, baby. more